When you lose yourself
Oil, image transfer on cardboard
72 x 52 cm

Sara Owusu-Ansah: Emotional Cartography

Sara Owusu-Ansah, also known as Sara Black, brings her series “When You Lose Yourself” to the Salon de Refusées, showcasing a journey through emotive depths with her distinct blend of mediums. Her art, a canvas of intricate layers, reveals the complex interplay of emotions, connections, and reflections that define human experience. Sara’s technique, a delicate balance of oil, image transfer on cardboard, and vibrant outlines, forms a visual symphony that speaks to the soul’s inner realities.


As an artist who is passionate about exploring new techniques and pushing creative boundaries, my work is characterized by a strong focus on color, texture, and form. My art explores inner realities of shared feelings, connections and bondings, in a very open and process oriented way. In my current series, I play with the techniques of drawing, print and photography. The images are printed and transferred in layers on the cardboard. The background plays a vital role in how the images appear and are seen. I use coloured outlines to trace out the prints which form a new image in the end. I strive to create pieces that evoke emotions and challenge conventional perspectives.

– Sara Owusu-Ansah

Sara Owusu-Ansah at the Salon de Refusées: 'Exploding Balloon' from her series 'When you lose yourself'
Sara Owusu-Ansah at the Salon de Refusées: 'Thoughts in Blue' from her series 'When you lose yourself'

Sara obtained her Bachelor of Art from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, and finished her postgraduate studies at the State Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe.

Her creative process transforms cardboard into canvases where the fusion of oil and photographic elements narrates the stories hidden within the layers. These artworks are not mere images but a series of emotional imprints where Sara’s personal history intertwines with broader societal connections. The traces of her father’s influence and her battle with life’s adversities are subtly woven into each work.

The “When You Lose Yourself” series delves into the nuanced realms of identity, memory, and the often-unseen turmoil of navigating one’s inner world. Sara utilizes the canvas to confront and capture the essence of fleeting thoughts and feelings, crafting a visual journey that invites reflection and empathy.

Sara’s art stands as a conduit for dialogue, her images acting as sensory touchpoints that resonate with our own quest for understanding and expression. Through her layered technique, she not only depicts the external world but also invites a deeper contemplation of the internal landscapes that shape our perceptions and reactions.


The "Salon de Refusées" is an art initiative inspired by the historic 1863 Paris exhibition. It's a platform celebrating female (read) artists who've faced rejection, turning exclusion into empowerment. Our project is dedicated to showcasing art in its most authentic form, creating a space where diverse voices and stories are seen and revered. Join us in this artistic uprising, where each piece adds to our resilience and the unyielding spirit of creativity.