Kartographie des Schicksals
Fineliner and Watercolour on Paper, framed
100 x 70 cm

Vanessa Mendola

Painting is the medium that allows me to communicate with the viewer – to share my impressions, perceptions and stories. Using the tools, form and color to project an image onto the canvas that is processed directly from within me.

Like frozen time happening inside and outside stored in images, as a memory for the future. Art is a form of expression that makes it possible to create something new, something unique that touches and inspires. Everyone has their own definition of what art can do, is and means to the viewer. Art can have a supportive effect. E.g. in self-reflection and identity formation. I hope that art remains exciting, insightful and surprising and thus continues to contribute to cultural appreciation.

I deal with the facets of humanity and its soul, with archetypal forms and symbols. Intuitively received and transformed in my interpretation, I express impulses in my own visual language. Sacred Geometry is connected to me and to all of us.

– Vanessa Mendola

Vanessa Mendola’s artwork, “Kartographie des Schicksals,” invites us on a profound exploration of the human condition through the lens of sacred geometry and personal introspection. Her fineliner and watercolor creations are a dialogue with the soul, articulated through archetypal symbols and forms that resonate with the core of our being.

Vanessa Mendola’s approach to art is deeply rooted in the idea that every individual carries within them a cosmos of possibilities and interpretations. Her work reflects this belief, often revealing the non-obvious facets of existence. The interplay of delicate lines and vibrant watercolors in her pieces suggests a harmony between the physical and metaphysical, the known and the mysterious.

Each creation is a testament to Vanessa’s intuitive process—a transformative journey where spontaneous impulses are intricately transformed into visual narratives. The motifs she employs are timeless, yet her interpretation is contemporary, making her work both a nod to the past and a gesture to the future of artistic expression. In “Kartographie des Schicksals,” she maps out the unseen paths of fate, destiny, and the interconnectedness of life.

Vanessa’s contribution to the Salon de Refusées stands as an emblem of the subjective nature of art appreciation. It’s a call for viewers to interact and find personal meaning within the artwork. Her framed work encapsulates the grandeur of her artistic vision, challenging the observer to consider the vastness of their internal landscapes.

Through her art, Vanessa Mendola offers a unique voice in the narrative of contemporary art, bridging the gap between the ancient and the modern, the seen and the unseen, the individual and the universal. Her work encourages a return to the contemplative, meditative roots of artistic creation, proposing that within every line and color lies a deeper truth waiting to be uncovered.


The "Salon de Refusées" is an art initiative inspired by the historic 1863 Paris exhibition. It's a platform celebrating female (read) artists who've faced rejection, turning exclusion into empowerment. Our project is dedicated to showcasing art in its most authentic form, creating a space where diverse voices and stories are seen and revered. Join us in this artistic uprising, where each piece adds to our resilience and the unyielding spirit of creativity.