Salon de Refusées: Events

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Salon de Refusées - digitales Poster (quadratisch)

Do, 29.02.24, ab 18 h

Vernissage Salon de Refusées

Laura Aranda: Intertwined II

Mi, 06.03.24 19 h

Laura Aranda:
Experimental Drawing Session

Collage Workshop mit Chiara DallaCosta und Luca

Di, 12.03.24 19 h

Collage Workshop with Chiara DallaCosta

Bob Jones: parts of the series 'My bare Self'

Mi, 13.03.24 19 h

Bob Jones: Artist Talk

Artist Maja Neuhaus in front of MacroArtDots on the Gretlwand, Pasteup Aktion

Sa, 16.03.24 17 h

SparkUp mit MAD (MacroArtDot)

Sara Owusu-Ansah at the Salon de Refusées: 'People Like Us' from her series 'When you lose yourself'

Mi, 20.03.24 19 h

Sara Owusu-Ansah presents
her Rwanda Art Project

Johanna Tiffe: Risks of AI?

Do, 21.03.24 19 h

Jo Tiffe: Artist Talk
“Risks of AI?”

Zahralena Frohwitter Y.: Gypsophila y todas las flores

Sa, 23,03.24, 15 h

Cancelled | Abgesagt:

Zarahlena: Artist Talk
about Care in Art

Xiayi Su at the Salon de Refusées: White Dew First Pentad, Dew glistens white on grass

So, 24.03.24 15 h

Xiayi Su artist talk: In Between Two Cultures

Salon de Refusées - digitales Poster (quadratisch)

Do, 28.03.24, ab 18 h

Finissage Salon de Refusées