Salon de Refusées: Videos & Music

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Song of the Refusées

Echoes of ‘No’ in a chorus of old, We painted our response in canvases bold.
Borders down, from the Rich to the Poor, trickle-down never worked, ignite change from the core.

They said, ‘No room,’ we heard, ‘Try harder,’ Fuel to the fire, our resolve just grew larger.
Our canvases global, our works more defiant, with voices unleashed we take on on every giant.

Raise your voice, Salon de Refusées, From the shadows, we dare to seize the keys.
Linked by struggle, transcend those broken chains. Let kindred spirits pass through sheer membranes.

From Kiev’s strife to Malaysia’s shore, our spirits press on, though rejections soar.
Yet strength we draw from pains we share, Patterns of dreams from souls laid bare.

Across the oceans, we feel as one, ‘cross mediums and styles we’re not yet done.
With each rejection resolve aligns, to change the settings of our confines.

From Berlin’s heart to the world we seek, In collective voices individuals speak.
Solidarity is more than an art affair, A movement, a moment, a breath of fresh air.

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