Salon de Refusées: Videos

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Ever wondered what the art world didn’t want you to see?

Dive into the heart of rebellion with “Salon de Refusées” – a daring exhibition at krautART ARTspace, Berlin, showcasing the unapologetic art of Bilge Ugursu, Eva Alvor, Alice Cuenot, Cornelia Es Said, Gennifer Deri, Zahralena Frohwitter, Natasha Lelenco, Katrin Greiner, Talissa Mehringer, Visithra Manikam, Gina Peyran Tan, Bob Jones, Julia Apostolidou, Sara Owusu-Ansah, Lena Snow, Johanna Tiffe, and Leigh Witherell. Running from Feb 29 to Mar 28, 2024, this event celebrates art that challenges and transcends norms. Join us to experience the pulse of artistic freedom and innovation.

The Daring Abstracts of Salon de Refusées

Discover a realm where colors clash with shadows, and every stroke tells a story of resilience and vision. “Salon de Refusées – Abstractions” is a journey through the heart of abstract art, celebrating the power of rejection to fuel creativity and expression.

In this exclusive showcase, we delve into the depths of the unseen, from the subtle profundity of Xiayi Su’s night photography to the vibrant enigma of Visithra Manikam’s abstract faces. Lakshmi Nagaraj’s mixed media work bursts with uncharted joy, while Bilge Ugursu’s dramatic paintings whisper the mysteries of silence. And through Nikolina Webers’s canvas, we experience the unadulterated delight of color and form. Join us as we transcend the traditional and embrace the experimental, highlighting the stories of artists who turn obscurity into opportunity. Their works, a testament to the overlooked and the undervalued, invite you to explore the myriad facets of abstract art.

A Bold Take on Misogyny, AI Risks, and Reality

A visionary world of digital art waits for you at the Salon de Refusées, where three trailblazing artists harness the power of artificial intelligence to redefine boundaries and challenge perceptions.

Lorie Lu’s “Misogyny” and Jo Tiffe’s “Risks of AI?” question societal and digital realms. Gina Peyran Tan’s “Masters of Art” critically explores societal power through a philosophical lens. Zitong Zhao’s “NONSENSE” and Anastasia Lukomskaya’s “I Cannot Resist” blend daily life with resistance against conformity. Experience this melding of technology and human creativity, celebrating the unique and unconventional. Join us at the Salon de Refusées to witness a unique fusion of technology and human experience, where the rejected is celebrated and the unconventional is the norm. Special thanks to Pinguindruck for their support in bringing our vision to print.

The Rising Stars of Figurative Art

Discover the Salon de Refusées—a celebration of Figurative Art that echoes life’s deepest sentiments. Witness Elina Evstig’s “Moment like this” and Nadja Asghar’s “Starry Skies”, where humanity’s narrative unfolds on canvas. Explore self-discovery through Sara Owusu-Ansah’s “When you lose yourself” and Julia Apostolidou’s “Divine”. Reflect with Maja Neuhaus’s “Himbeergedanken” and find strength in Yingwen Yao’s “It’s ok to get hurt”.

Alice Cuenot’s “Capirona” and Cornelia Es Said’s “Klimakleber” ground us, while Lena Snow’s “Orion Girl” dazzles with creative brilliance. Each artwork at krautART ARTspace is a testament to hope and resilience.

Experience art that moves and transforms at the heart of Berlin’s vibrant scene, and extend gratitude to Pinguindruck for bringing our artful narratives to a wider audience.