NFTs auf Blockchains der 3. Generation

NFTs von krautART, erstellt auf Blockchains der 3. Generation wie Cardano und Tezos. Diese Blockchains sind nachhaltig, energieeffizient und blitzschnell. Kaufen Sie sicher mit Ihrem eigenen Krypto-Wallet und gehören Sie zu den ersten, die diese brandneuen Kunstwerke ihr Eigen nennen.

NFTs on 3rd Gen Blockchains

NFTs by krautART, created on blockchains of the 3rd generation like Cardano and Tezos.
These blockchains are sustainable, energy-efficient und lightning fast. Buy secure with your own crypto-wallet and and be among the first who  call these brand new artworks their own.

Años de los Muertos

Años de los Muertos

The oilpaintings and NFTs of the series by Berlin-based artist cornelia es said depict skulls and bones as a reminder of what wars leave behind: nothing but death and destruction. The title “Años de los Muertos” is based on the Mexican “dia de los muertos” (day of the dead) and is dedicated to the people suffering from war and ongoing conflicts, from hunger and illnesses. The NFT series consists of digialized oilpaintings minted on the Cardano blockchain.

We’re done! – NFT-Series on the Cardano Blockchain

We’re done! – NFT-Series on the Cardano Blockchain

The series “We’re done!” refers to the breathtakingly beautiful bust “Why being born a slave?” by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827 – 1875). Oilpaintings, pastel drawings and charcoal drawings with digital neural filters, minted on the Cardano blockchain are available on the Cardano NFT Marketplace Galaxy of Art.

How to buy NFTs?

In order to buy one of my NFTs you just need some of Cardano’s ADA crypto currency and a wallet. And of course you might want to subscribe to my newsletter or the krautart twitter profile in order to get noticed as soon as the next drop starts.

How to buy #NFTart – step by step:

  1. open an account on a crypto-platform where you can buy and sell crypto. There are several, like binance, eToro etc. but for beginners Coinbase is the easiest to handle. On the legally reputable crypto-marketplaces you have to verify yourself with your passport.
  2. After your account is verified, transfer some funds from your bank account to coinbase.
  3. Buy $ADA
  4. Get yourself a Cardano Wallet
    • You cab add a wallet-extension like e.g. Nami to your browser.
    • or download a paper-wallet like Yoroi.
  5. Send your $ADA from coinbase to your wallet. This wallet now holds your budget for shopping Cardano NFTs. 
  6. Wait until the NFT-drop happens and go shopping.
    I will announce the drops of ny NFTs on Twitter and via Newsletter.

You only have to do the setup-process once. As soon as your crypto-wallet is in place, shopping has never been easier 🙂