NFT series “Años de los Muertos”

The oilpaintings and NFTs of the series by Berlin-based artist cornelia es said depict skulls and bones as a reminder of what wars leave behind: nothing but death and destruction. The title “Años de los Muertos” is based on the Mexican “dia de los muertos” (day of the dead) and is dedicated to the people suffering from war and ongoing conflicts, from hunger and illnesses. The NFT series consists of digialized oilpaintings minted on the Cardano blockchain and are up for sale on

The NFTs are minted piece by piece, every one a single NFT to emphasize the uniqueness of every single life.

War Vanitas

The name of the original oilpainting is “dead world or alive”, but given the despicable war against Ukraine the digital NFT was renamed based on Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem.


The NFT is a quality .jpg file with the dimensions of 2362 x 1722 px (7,35 MB).
It derives from a photograph of the original oilpainting.

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