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KI vs Kunst: Zukunft Gefahr? | AI vs. Art: Future at Stake?

KI vs Kunst: Zukunft Gefahr? | AI vs. Art: Future at Stake?

KI verändert die Kunstwelt – aber zu welchem Preis? Von Urheberrechtsstreitigkeiten bis hin zum Kampf um die Anerkennung von Künstler*innen – erkunden Sie mit uns die drängenden Themen, die die Zukunft der Kunst prägen.

AI is transforming the art world, but at what cost? From copyright battles to the fight for artist recognition, delve into the pressing issues shaping the future of art.

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Pop-up Gallery – made in Lichtenberg

Pop-up Gallery – made in Lichtenberg

Pop-up Gallery – made in Lichtenberg Ausstellungseröffnung am 16. Juli 2024 Die Kunst- und Kulturszene Lichtenbergs bekommt eine neue Bühne: Die „Pop-up Gallery – made in Lichtenberg“ eröffnet am 16. Juli 2024 um 14:30 Uhr im Ring Center II in Berlin. Veranstaltet vom...

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Salon de Refusées

Exhibition of 43 female artists from 17 countries – rejected by established art institutions

Eva Alvor

Discover Eva Alvor’s haunting textile masterpiece “Dead Bird,” where the threads of life and loss entwine in a stark dance of color and form. This Ukrainian artist’s hand-embroidered narrative evokes a poignant fairy tale, rich with existential musings and a decadent touch of mysticism. Uncover the enigma woven into every stitch.

Julia Apostolidou

Julia Apostolidou’s “divine” challenges traditional beauty narratives with its bold representation of the female form. This piece, blending oil and oil pastels, confronts societal pressures and the male gaze, advocating for self-confidence and agency. Apostolidou’s departure from hyperrealism in this work spotlights the beauty in imperfection, urging a reevaluation of beauty standards and self-worth.

Laura Aranda

Laura Aranda’s “Intertwined II,” featured in krautART’s “Salon de Refusées,” is a thought-provoking art print. Aranda delves into dream interpretation and the human figure, unearthing emotions from nostalgia to fear. Her versatile style, influenced by various art movements, oscillates between abstraction and figuration, offering deep introspection and connection.

Nadja Ashgar

Explore Nadja Farah Bratland Asghar’s emotive art that delves into human emotions and connection. Join “Salon de Refusées” to empower female artists.

Sophia Ato

Sophia Ato’s installation “information pollution” at krautART’s “Salon de Refusées” confronts the overwhelming daily assault of information. This mixed media piece creates a looping metaphor for the repetitive pressure of life, urging introspection amidst the chaos.

Yuchen Bian

Illustrator Yuchen Bian showcases “A Tree In Battersea Park 03” at krautART’s “Salon de Refusées,” a framed print that reflects on life’s fleeting moments through memory and nature’s lens.


Engage with CharLotte’s poignant ‘Schwimmen’, a visual and textual odyssey that delves into the heart of female sexuality and empowerment.

Mary Crenshaw

Step into Mary Crenshaw’s world of art where Eastern philosophies meet Western strength. Her multidisciplinary approach in painting, drawing, and sculpture creates a dynamic interplay of energy, humor, and tragedy. Dive deeper into her journey and be inspired by her experimental spirit.

Alice Cuenot

Enter Alice Cuenot’s realm with “Capirona,” a canvas that not only paints but breathes the spirit of healing and the wild.

Chiara Dalla Costa

Chiara Dalla Costa, a Berlin-based Italian artist, draws inspiration from the realms of mysticism and self-discovery. Her enchanting creations, known as ‘Tiny Mystic Creatures,’ emerge from a deep connection with the spiritual and the unknown.

Gennifer Deri

Step into Gennifer Deri’s world, where “Decrypt for-mat#1” defies norms and decrypts the body’s narrative beyond societal constructs.

Cornelia Es Said

Through her work, Cornelia Es Said calls for a reckoning, urging us to see beyond profit and power to the sanctity of collective human experience.

Elina Evstig

Elina Evstig combines realism with abstract techniques in oil. She is passionate about depicting people, especially portraits of women.


Zarahlena’s “Gypsophila y todas las flores” at the Salon de Refusées is a visual protest against femicide, reflecting her struggle against censorship and societal silence.

Evdokia Georgiou

Evdokia Georgiou’s ‘The Everyday Snail’s Path’ crafts a mesmerizing narrative that urges a reconsideration of our daily interactions and the societal roles we carry within us, akin to a snail bearing its home.

Kristy Gosling

Kristy Gosling’s “Aberrations” series reimagines the photographic canvas, blending light, shadow, and form into a sculptural tableau that captivates and challenges perception. Discover her unique vision where photography transcends its own frame, beckoning viewers into a dance with depth and illusion.

Katrin Greiner

Katrin Greiner’s ‘Radicchio Love’ invites us on a visual journey through the ‘Power And Poetry Of Pain’, where chronic discomfort is re-envisioned into a celebration of resilience and vibrant color.

Annabelle Hoffmann

Step into Annabelle Hoffmann’s “All colours are beautiful,” where every hue whispers a story of urban metamorphosis, and the city’s pulse becomes a canvas for reflecting on identity and existence.

Ljubica Janjetović

Discover Ljubica Janjetović’s ‘A Small Boat on a Lake Ohrid I,’ where each drypoint line is a whisper of tranquility against the canvas of life’s bustling backdrop.

Bob Jones

Challenge perceptions and embrace diversity with Bob Jones’s “My Bare Self.” This powerful photography series is a profound statement on body positivity and identity, inviting us to see beyond the conventional.

Natasha Lelenco

In ‘Exchange Currencies,’ Natasha Lelenco crafts a bold narrative through wooden coins, reflecting on identity and the elusive concept of value. Her work stands as a profound invitation to reassess our understanding of art’s worth and societal belonging.

Lorie Lu

“Lorie Lu’s ‘Misogyny’ invites a piercing digital gaze into the shadows of the collective psyche, challenging hidden biases through computational art.

Anastasia Lukomskaya

Anastasia Lukomskaya is a visual artist and poet from Moscow, now in Germany, exploring human consciousness and the impact of totalitarianism. Her art, spanning various media, reflects on societal ills and the quest for personal truth in a world of compulsion and conformity.

Art Revolution on February 29, 2024, at Berlin’s krautART ARTspace!

‘Salon de Refusées’, inspired by the historic 1863 ‘Salon des Refusés’ in Paris, opens its doors on February 29, 2024, for a spectacular celebration of contemporary art!

Showcasing works of 47 artists from 17 countries in a diverse range of media including paintings, mixed media, video games, posters, photography, videos, street art, and sound installations. This leap year event promises a unique artistic experience in the heart of Berlin. Throughout the exhibition period, we’ll host artist talks, workshops, short film nights, and more, culminating in a grand finale on March 28th. Join us in this extraordinary leap into artistic innovation and international collaboration at krautART ARTspace!

Kunstrevolution am 29. Februar 2024 im Berliner krautART ARTspace!

Der “Salon de Refusées”, inspiriert vom historischen “Salon des Refusés” von 1863 in Paris, öffnet am 29. Februar 2024 seine Pforten zu einer fulminanten Feier zeitgenössischer Kunst!

47 Künstlerinnen aus 17 Ländern zeigen Werke in einem breiten Spektrum an Medien, darunter Gemälde, Mixed Media, Videospiele, Poster, Fotografie, Videos, Straßenkunst und Soundinstallationen. Während des Ausstellungszeitraums veranstalten wir Artist Talks, Workshops, Kurzfilm-Abende und vieles mehr. Die Ausstellung gipfelt in einer Finissage am 28. März.
Werden Sie Teil dieser außergewöhnlichen Ausstellung internationaler künstlerischer Zusammenarbeit!

Veranstaltungen im ARTspace

Events at the ARTspace

🎨 29.02.2024 ab 18 h: Salon de Refusées – Vernissage (Program) 🎨

🎨 29.02.2024 ab 18 h: Salon de Refusées – Vernissage (Program) 🎨

Aufbruch für den Salon de Refusées: Vernissage im krautART ARTspace – ein Abend voller Entdeckungen und rebellischer Kunst. Sei dabei, wenn Kunst neu gefeiert wird. Bist du bereit für die Revolution?
Feel the buzz and the breakthrough of the Salon de Refusées Vernissage at krautART ARTspace – an evening of discoveries and rebellious art. Join us as art is celebrated anew. Are you ready for a revolution?

Künstler*innen bei krautART

Artists at the ARTspace

Jan Siller (Painting)

Jan Siller (Painting)

Jan Siller came through a serious personal crisis to painting. Before that, he was a musician and photographer for a long time.

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Almut Müller (painting)

Almut Müller (painting)

Berlin-based Almut Müller, with a vibrant journey from painting to screen printing, delves into whimsical yet profound narratives through her series “Wer braucht schon Helden?” & “Teufelchen”. Her exhibitions, both local and global, showcase a distinct, explorative artistic voice.

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B. Ashra (experimental)

B. Ashra (experimental)

B. Ashra explores the auditory tapestry of planetary and molecular tunings, weaving sonic narratives through ventures like Morphon and Brain Entertainment Laboratory (B.E.L.) since the mid-90s.

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Tom Wölke (light-installations)

Tom Wölke (light-installations)

Tom Wölke crafts surreal lightscapes using up to 50 slide projectors, where geometric mysticism melds with prismatic plays, transforming stark spaces into dazzling art havens and offering a shift in perspective.

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