Moment like this
oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

Elina Evstig

It’s pretty painful to be rejected. I have this huge imposter syndrome and every rejection just undermines my confidence, makes me question myself why am i still doing it, why i paint. 
Maybe i shouldn’t, i don’t know anymore. But i noticed  that every single time i get rejected i become a little bit more resilient and do better art. 
The day i applied to Salon de Refusees, i got rejected by a Competition of Contemporary Art 23/24, i felt frustrated and was surfing internet chasing cheap dopamine to cheer me up. I saw an open call and the timing was so perfect, i filled the form in a few minutes, feeling some kind of bitter satisfaction, as i recall now. 
I love the idea of Salon de Refusees, i think there is a lot of underappreciated artists who for some reasons haven’t entered competitions or galleries but they have great potential and they need a place to start over and blossom. 
– Elina Evstig
Elina Evstig: Sleep on dream on

Sleep On Dream On
oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

Elina’s journey in art, spanning a decade, mirrors a personal evolution following a major life transition. In her Berlin studio, she channels her experiences into her paintings, embracing the fluidity of oil to explore themes from her new environment. Her oeuvre is a testament to the highs and lows of her craft, characterized by a blend of realism and abstract techniques. Her passion shines through in her depictions of people, particularly women, capturing their essence and complexities.

Sleep on dream on” is an intimate portrayal of youthful exuberance, dreams, and the unbound spirit, all set against the backdrop of Berlin’s unique aesthetic. The painting, resonant with the city’s vibe, draws its title from The Chemical Brothers’ track, encapsulating the very heart of Berlin’s culture.

In the poignant stillness of “Moment like this,” the stark contrast of soft fabric against the solid grounding of black boots evokes a narrative of contemplation and quietude.

Evstig continues to explore the essence of human emotion and the subtleties of solitary moments through her mastery of oil paints. The painting’s muted palette and the gentle drapery that envelopes the figure invite viewers to pause and reflect on the fleeting instances that define our inner lives. 

Recently, Elina faced rejection from an International Competition of Contemporary Art, a testament to the competitive nature of the art world. Yet, undeterred, she views this as an integral part of her artistic journey.

By contributing to the Salon de Refusées, Elina brings not just her art but her story of perseverance and adaptability. Her presence reinforces the Salon’s mission to celebrate art and artists who continue to create and dream despite facing setbacks. Elina stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the Salon’s spirit of resilience and the shared experiences of artists worldwide.


The "Salon de Refusées" is an art initiative inspired by the historic 1863 Paris exhibition. It's a platform celebrating female (read) artists who've faced rejection, turning exclusion into empowerment. Our project is dedicated to showcasing art in its most authentic form, creating a space where diverse voices and stories are seen and revered. Join us in this artistic uprising, where each piece adds to our resilience and the unyielding spirit of creativity.