Kristy Gosling: Photography

In the Salon de Refusées, we introduce the innovative work of Kristy Gosling, a London-based artist and educator whose series “Aberrations” redefines the photographic landscape. Kristy’s art resides in her manipulation of the photographic print itself, transforming a traditionally two-dimensional medium into a quasi-three-dimensional form. By folding the photographs along the lines of captured shadows and then flattening them, Kristy creates a subtle topography on the surface that interacts with ambient light. This interaction produces a dynamic interplay of actual and depicted shadows, inviting the viewer to question the veracity of what is seen.


Salon de Refusées: Kristy Gosling: Aberration 2

Her images serve not only as a visual experience but also as a conceptual puzzle where the shadows cast by the folds of the photograph disrupt the clarity of the depicted forms. This clever technique challenges the viewer’s perception and underscores the limitations and possibilities within the medium of photography. In “Aberrations,” Kristy offers a compelling visual commentary on the interrelation of light, shadow, and form, expanding the dialogue on how art can be both a representation and a tangible, sculptural presence.

Salon de Refusées: Kristy Gosling: Aberration 3
Salon de Refusées: Kristy Gosling: Aberration 1


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