Anastasia Lukomskaya:
Artistic Defiance in a Conformist World

Anastasia Lukomskaya, a Moscow-born visual artist and poet now residing in Germany, brings a unique voice to the Salon de Refusées. Her work delves into the depths of human consciousness, fear, freedom, and the oppressiveness of totalitarian regimes. Anastasia doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, intertwining her artistic endeavors with her civic stance.

Her multi-faceted artistic expression spans conceptual photography, video art, performance, painting, actionism, and poetic text. Each medium serves as a conduit for her exploration of nonconformity, individualism, and the human psyche. Her latest work, “I Cannot Resist,” a video piece, epitomizes her commitment to challenging norms and seeking truth.

In “I Cannot Resist,” Anastasia confronts the themes of violence, compulsion, lies, and the loss of individuality—subjects she finds intolerable in our world. Through her art, she peers into the human soul, unraveling cognitive distortions and metaphorical chthonic creatures. Her work is a journey through a dark labyrinth, a quest for liberation from the confines of oppressive mental and social constructs.

Anastasia’s submission to the Salon de Refusées is not just an artwork; it’s a testament to her relentless pursuit of understanding and her refusal to accept the unacceptable. Her voice resonates with those who seek to navigate the complex maze of human existence, offering a beacon of hope and a path towards enlightenment in a world often clouded by conformity and coercion.

As we showcase her work at the Salon de Refusées, we invite viewers to engage with Anastasia’s profound narrative. Her art does more than just depict; it provokes thought, stirs emotions, and ignites conversations about the essence of freedom and the nature of fear. Join us in celebrating Anastasia Lukomskaya’s compelling artistic journey—an embodiment of resistance and introspection in the face of a challenging world.


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