Constance Schrall
Arnulfstrasse 50c
12105 Berlin


Constance Schrall
born 1961

Social worker, Organizational consultant & coach, independet artist/ painter

Since 1992 independent work in the studio and free nature.

Attendance of different art academies and art classes by different instructors: Markus Tepe, Detel Aurand, Jutta Maria Walther, Bärbel Rothhaar, and others

Several individual exhibitions: BLO studios, Helga Breuninger Foundation, Beginenhof, Museum of Kesselhaus.

Since I can remember, I found my inspiration through working with- and being surrounded by nature. Elements like slates, rust, sand, natural resin, seeds and plants, stones, coal tar and clay influence my paintings not only associatively but also effectively. Working with wax (Enkaustik) enables me to combine those findings/ elements within my drawings and painting. Enkaustik is a creative painting technique, throughout which colour pigments ligated in hot wax are applied to the painting surface. This technique has a long tradition and found its flowering state in the context of the Greek and Roman Antiquity.

How the material takes effect and interacts- sometimes throughout several layers- equals a search of traces that mirrors not only erosion but also genesis and transience.