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The hardest Part of being an Artist is the reforming and its process of an Idea and a huge mess of thinking to a Frame of a Painting or a pose in a Dance or some notes of a music. Sometimes you can even see the whole of the process of this reforming in the layers of the color or every touch of the brush in a painting.

But it could happens like a reverse, I mean sometimes an Object takes it to a meaning, hidden deep inside you. I THINK it’s the whole of the story of creating.

2 years ago I’ve been started to paint by inspiring of the Nature and it was the result of traveling a lot and being in Nature and feeling it but this short period of painting has been cut by immigration to Germany. I think basically immigration is a shock in every immigrant’s life and this shock could be stronger when you come out of a society like Iran and go throw a multikulti one like Germany.

I can explain it this way that you suddenly face to that much data and information that you can’t at first even get it! Everything is brand new, everything. Humans, feces, buildings, language, culture, nature and…. Even the color of the Sky! Every Sunset that I see here is something different from the Iranian version!

So! I just can have two types of reaction to this. I can stay in my House, the most isolated place in my new life, and searching around the House for something to paint or making Flashbacks to my past life and paint my nostalgic thinking (what I’m already doing)

Or I can share, share this experience with people who have same experience as me but in a different way. I think it help me to dig my way to this new life.

Shirin Ashkari.


Shirin Ashkari - painting Baum