In this post, titled “wie im Kleinen so im Großen,” we explore the concept of how things in the smaller scale can reflect or mirror those on a larger scale, and vice versa. It is fascinating to consider how this principle applies to various aspects of life that we are familiar with. Our star, our planet, and even our nation can all be seen as microcosms of a larger whole. It’s like an old-school way of perceiving things, appreciating the interconnectedness of everything around us. One thing that stands out is the value of learning to love and appreciate the gifts we receive. Whether it’s a physical present or an intangible one, developing the ability to cherish and make the most of what we have is

wie im Großen
so im Kleinen, und umgekehrt.

wie WIR es

Stern, unser Planet,
… Nation? : oldschool.

Ein Geschenk lieben lernen.




#CHANGE = good!

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