When Artists unveil Winter’s Soul

  • Mathias Roloff breaks winter into abstract forms, a chromatic rebellion against the monochrome narrative of the season.
  • Selma Özdemir sketches whimsy and introspection, her lines weaving the fabric of fable and modern-day musings.
  • Peter Schulz Leonhardt cuts into the essence of winter, his linocuts a stark portrayal of the season’s sharp contrasts.
  • Ola Eibl‘s intricate forest is a testament to winter’s complexity, each line a tribute to the season’s hidden depths.
  • Juri Zurkan paints the very breath of winter, his brushstrokes blurring the line between the warmth of life and the cool slumber of nature.
  • Kateryna Yerokhina etches a dance of detail and myth, each stroke a silent song of ancient echoes.
  • Danja Akulin‘s pencil strokes transcend paper to evoke the shivering quiet of a snow-laden path. The artwork isn’t about depicting snow; it’s about inviting you to feel the muffled world beneath it.
  • Wiebke Steinmetz plays with shadows, turning the fragile paper into a metaphor for winter’s fleeting beauty.
  • Katerina Belkina stages a dialogue, not only between the two figures, but with the silence of a winter expanse. a stark reminder of the stillness we seldom hear in this noisy city.
  • Rainer Ehrt draws us into a narrative where winter’s chill is but a backdrop for human tales, each line a word in a visual story.
  • Tobias Deicke distills daily life into caricature, crafting a comic essence that both critiques and celebrates the mundane.
  • Katja Lang employs cold needle techniques to create etchings that are both architecturally precise and rich in texture, capturing the solemnity of winter scenes.
  • Uwe Langmann brings a minimalist perspective to photography, isolating and emphasizing the stark, poetic lines that winter etches into landscapes.
  • Eva Pietzcker explores the delicate interplay of light and shadow through traditional Japanese woodcut techniques, bringing a serene depth to her winter vistas.
  • Karen Runge intertwines the fantastical with the real in her etchings and aquatints, inviting viewers into a world where the whimsical and the profound coexist.
Winter-Märchen: Mathias Roloff - Kühler Morgen

Mathias Roloff - Kühler Morgen

Winter-Märchen: Ola Eibl - Waldgespräche

Ola Eibl - Waldgespräche

Winter-Märchen: Selma Özdemir - Froschkönig, skeptisch

Selma Özdemir - Froschkönig, skeptisch

Winter-Märchen: Juri Zurkan - Der Bote

Juri Zurkan - Der Bote

Winter-Märchen: Peter Schulz Leonhardt - Hexe

Peter Schulz Leonhardt - Hexe

Winter-Märchen: Kateryna Yerokhina - Batseba

Kateryna Yerokhina - Batseba

Winter-Märchen: Danja Akulin - o. T.

Danja Akulin - o. T.

Winter-Märchen: Wiebke Steinmetz - König bei der Arbeit III

Wiebke Steinmetz - König bei der Arbeit III

Winter-Märchen: Katerina Belkina - Whisper

Katerina Belkina - Whisper

Winter-Märchen: Rainer Ehrt - Wintersonne

Rainer Ehrt - Wintersonne

A Reflection Beyond the Winter-Season

This exhibition asks us to look beyond the chill of winter and into the heart of stories told around firesides. Each piece is a portal to a realm where winter is not just a season but a character, an actor in the age-old plays of folklore and fantasy.

An Exhibition and a Story

“Winter-Märchen” is a narrative, a blend of classic winter landscapes and fairy tale magic, seen through the eyes of artists who dare to dream in color and shadow. It’s an homage to the legends like Monet, Friedrich, and Bosch, but with a contemporary twist.

The Chill and Charm of Winter

The “Winter-Märchen” exhibition is on display from November 24, 2023, to February 15, 2024, at Galerie Christine Knauber. The collection is an invitation to experience winter as a muse – for artists and art-lovers alike – where each painting, photo, and cut-out is a stanza in a poem dedicated to the season’s stark, serene beauty.

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