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Neues aus dem Kunstblog | News from the ARTblog

Helft den Mächtigen

Helft den Mächtigen

This #charcoal #drawing by cornelia es saids shows a quick sketched #portrait of Armin Pappenberger, CEO of Rheinmetall. The image gets a political impact ba adding the writing "Help the Mighty".

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Shame, shame on Trump

Shame, shame on Trump

cornelia es said published another political drawing on twitter and instagram. It depicts the diapered #trump aka #bunkerboy with a swanky men's necklace in the form of a swastica. His chubby childlike hand slaps on #theholybible. His face shows the typical puckered...

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Veranstaltungen im ARTspace | Events at the ARTspace

Künstler*innen bei krautART | Artists at the ARTspace

B. Ashra (experimental)

B. Ashra (experimental)

B. Ashra (Electronica) DJ B. Ashra plays: Ambient, Electronic Music, Downbeats  

krautART ARTspace

Lückstr. 11
10317 Berlin

S-Bhf. Nöldnerplatz
(one stop east of Ostkreuz)

+49 (0)178 / 490 37 36

opening hours:
only for shows – tba

Stay tuned!

Einladungen zu Veranstaltungen, Vernissagen und Finissagen im krautART ARTspace und den B.L.O. Ateliers.

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