The Birth of an AI-Generated Music Video

Welcome to the future of AI music video production! I am so excited to unveil my first-ever AI-generated music video, a project that fuses art, music, and technology into a music video that gives me literal goosebumps.

The Power of AI in Music and Visuals

The song for this video was created using Suno’s Alpha Version of #Chirp, with lyrics co-written by us and the advanced #GPT4 by OpenAI. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The mesmerizing visuals were generated by feeding these lyrics to #Midjourney, an AI that transforms text into breathtaking imagery.

Lyrics That Inspire

The lyrics that inspired the AI are as follows:

“Under crude neon lights
We’re just driving on sight
On the slippery sloppery slopes
Of the powerful that don’t see what is broke

In the shadows of giants, we’re aware of our way,
Through mazes of assets where the heartless play.”

Hallucinating AI?

The rest of the text, where the birds take flight, was “hallucinated” by Chirp. Who says hallucinating AIs are always bad? 😉

Join Me on This Journey

I invite you to watch the video and share your thoughts. How do you feel about the future of AI music video production? Do you think AI can contribute to the creative arts in meaningful ways? Let’s explore the future of music and visual arts together!