On February 29, 2024, krautART ARTspace will host the revolutionary “Salon de Refusées” in Berlin, a powerful homage to the historic 1863 Parisian “Salon des Refusés”. This exhibition celebrates artistic defiance and resilience, featuring international female artists, each with a unique story of rejection and perseverance.

A Celebration of Diverse Voices at the Salon de Refusées

The exhibition showcases a wide array of media, including paintings, mixed media, video games, posters, photography, videos, street art, and sound installations.


Participating Artists:

  • RUNA aka Rute Norte: A vivid portrait of defiance and identity in art
  • Eva Alvor invites viewers into a world where hand-embroidered tales of existential wonder blend with a mystic’s touch
  • Julia Apostolidou challenges traditional beauty narratives and the male gaze, advocating for self-confidence and agency.
  • Laura Aranda delves into dream interpretation and the human figure, unearthing emotions from nostalgia to fear.
  • Nadja Asghar: Her emotive art delves into human emotions and connections
  • Sophia Ato confronts the overwhelming daily assault of information.
  • Yuchen Bian reflects through her printing process on life’s fleeting moments through memory and nature’s lens.
  • Mary Crenshaw: An artist blending Eastern philosophies with Western techniques, employing painting, drawing, and sculpture
  • Alice Cuenot: Transforming grief into gateways, her canvases are where the spirit of nature meets the soul’s resilience.
  • Chiara Dalla Costa travels between imaginary worlds bringing her visions to this realm through various forms of Art
  • Gennifer Deri: A visual philosopher reshaping our view of the body through photographic alchemy.
  • Cornelia Es Said: expressive realism oilpainter, founded this exhibition due to recent rejections
  • Elina Evstig: Passionate about combining realism with abstract techniques in oil, focusing on women’s portraits
  • Zarahlena‘s “Gypsophila y todas las flores” is a visual protest against femicide, reflecting her struggle against censorship and societal silence.
  • Kristy Gosling: “Aberrations” series blends light, shadow, and form in a photographic dance
  • Katrin Greiner: Transforming pain into a vivid tableau of humor and color.
  • Annabelle Hoffmann: Her work, “All colours are beautiful,” reflects on urban identity and existence
  • Bob Jones: Unveiling the unspoken through empowering photographic narratives that defy societal taboos and censorship.
  • Ljubica Janjetović: Echoing serenity and the art of observation through the delicate lines of drypoint.
  • charLotte: Unveiling the layers of female intimacy and strength through the raw lens of personal narrative.
  • Vanessa Mendola: Her work “Kartographie des Schicksals” weaves a tapestry of the soul’s journey, blending sacred geometry with intuitive expression.
  • Natasha Lelenco: Challenging the fabric of value with her poignant ‘Exchange Currencies’ installation.
  • Anastasia Lukomskaya: A visual artist and poet reflecting on societal ills and personal truth
  • Lorie Lu: Digital art provocateur unveiling the veiled layers of internalized misogyny.
  • Visithra Manikam: Capturing the essence of the overlooked in society with poignant strokes of reality and empathy.
  • Talissa Mehringer: A visionary artist pushing the boundaries with her ‘creepy-cute’ street art and avant-garde films
  • Lola Muñoz: A visionary artist weaving the sacred geometry of nature with the cosmos in ‘cosmic traveller.
  • Lakshmi Nagaraj: Weaving the forgotten threads of history into a canvas of magical realism.
  • Maja Neuhaus: Translating ephemeral moments into enduring art with ‘Himbeergedanken im Rauschen.’
  • Sara Owusu-Ansah: Creating visual narratives that unravel life’s emotional complexities
  • Gina Peyran Tan: Unraveling the tapestry of human condition through the compelling narrative of video art.
  • Giselle Rosenthal: A vibrant explosion of form and philosophy in sculptural dialogue.
  • Pina Bettina Rücker: An immersive soundscape blending history, spirituality, and futuristic echoes.
  • Sandra Sagan: Her work, “She flies,” reveals the silent struggles of femininity through expressive strokes.
  • Lena Snow: ‘Orion Girl No 11 – Alnilam’ captures the essence of futuristic femininity.
  • Xiayi Su: Captures the profound dance of light and shadow through photography
  • Irina Tall Novikova: the mythical ‘Sirin’ takes shape in ink, showcasing the harmonious blend of art with nature’s splendor.
  • Jo Tiffe: A digital symphony questioning AI’s future, wrapped in art.
  • Bilge Ugursu: Explores the intertwining of art perception and mental health
  • Nikolina Webers: Where the vibrancy of life meets the canvas in a dance of colors.
  • Maria Who: Brushstrokes that bare the soul in a canvas of dreams.
  • Leigh Witherell: Crafting a canvas of connection, sensuality, and the shared journey of the human soul.
  • Igigo Wu: Discover How Her Art Transcends Borders and Narrates Unspoken Histories.
  • Jingwen Yao: An artist weaving the intricate dance of resilience and reflection with her emotive acrylics and inks.
  • Zitong Zhao: A creator who merges game design with photography, offering an interactive exploration of everyday life.
artists at the salon de refusées exhibition from feb 29th to march 29th 2024, part 2

Event Details:

The “Salon de Refusées” opens on February 29, 2024, with a vernissage celebrating the voices of female and female-read artists.
The exhibition, unfolding in Berlin’s vibrant underground art scene, will culminate in a finissage on March 28th.


krautART ARTspace, Lückstr. 11, 10317 Berlin (Maps-Link)
S-Bhf: Nöldnerplatz / Bus: 194, 396

The Salon de Refusées as a Platform for Empowerment

This event is more than just an exhibition; it’s a movement breaking barriers and challenging perceptions. Each artist’s work at the “Salon de Refusées” speaks the truths that have been silenced for too long, marking a pivotal point in the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable art world.

Engaging Activities during the Exhibition

In addition to the exhibition, krautART ARTspace will host various events, including artist talks and workshops, providing a platform for artists to share their stories and engage with the audience.

Join us on February 29th 2024 at krautART ARTspace for this extraordinary leap into artistic innovation and international collaboration. Witness the power of expression and the importance of diverse artistic voices in shaping a more inclusive art world.